FSBO Contracts and Disclosures

For a nominal fee (currently $797), a Licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker will prepare all contracts, disclosures, and any other documents to help you successfully close the sale!

Our Contract to Closing Service was designed for anyone who has already found a buyer for their home (or for buyer’s looking purchase a FSBO.)   This fee can be paid from either Seller or Buyer, but most often is split equally between the parties.  It’s totally what you and the other party negotiate.

One of the greatest fears of both Home Seller’s and Buyer’s is the paperwork involved with a real estate transaction.  Sellers have significant liability for correctly filling out contracts, and legally required disclosures.  You don’t want to miss a document or two, and find out via subpoena that your paperwork wasn’t fully complete.

Additionally, Home Buyer’s are usually very inexperienced and nervous with the process.  The fact you have hired a professional to do the paperwork, may just give them the assurance they need to pull the trigger on the purchase.

With the peace of mind afforded by our Contract to Closing Service, you can confidently tell potential Buyer’s the paperwork will be in good hands, if they buy your home!

Included with the Service:

  • All Contracts and disclosures needed to close the transaction are completed by a neutral third party.
    • Prepared by a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Colorado.
  • Explanation of documents and legal requirements.
  • Advice on timelines and service providers.
  • Administration and Coordination of all parties, and service providers.
  • Access to Broker for answers to all your questions!

It’s easy to get started, and we can have your home up and running in less than a day!  Call today at 303.770.1180 with any questions, or to get started!